Dana’s songs blend the strength and solidarity of a singer/songwriter with messages as healing and enlightening as they are socially relevant and timely. Dana’s been performing and recording since age 12, weaving angelic melodies with a raw passion.  Her inspired music and provoking performances transform audiences of all ages.  Through her heartfelt songs and emotional performance, Dana strives to bring Love and healing to a chaotic and disheartened world.

“Dana doesn’t follow trends, she generates them.”

Dana’s opened for such legends as:  Bob Dylan, Joni MitchellJames Taylor, The Dave Matthews Band and the Allman Brothers as well as performed at the Lillith Fair alongside amazing artists Sarah Mclachlan, Tracy Chapman and Jewel.

She’s a prolific songwriter  with hundreds of songs in her catalog of various styles available for all uses.  Dana is also a multi award winning record producer and arranger and gifted musical healer.


Dana’s songs are classics! This music to be absorbed and people are ready for this now.

Jane Lundberg, Music In My Bones

Incredible, powerful show and songs, Dana’s style definitely stands out among female artists past or present.

Christina Cosenza, 
Rockergirl Magazine

She hooks you in with the melodies, then delivers the message!

Howard Leese, 
Guitarist/producer, Heart

Whatever it is, Dana’s got it! One of the strongest and most original artists I’ve seen in a long time.

Neil Rush, NARAS

She is a rising star, a beautiful voice and a talented songwriter.

The late Burl Ives

Truly inspirational, moving, and worth a listen.

M.J., Live Nation

“We have to trust, try not to push
that everything’s right and happening in it’s time
Perhaps the lesson is we’re beautiful as is
And nothing has to change, except how we perceive ourselves to be
Ooooh we’re already sailing, we’re already sailing
Sail On…”

~ SAIL ON,  Dana Anton